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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

The digital clock of the operating room of Paya Teb Afzar medical equipment company is an independent production of this company. The digital clock and chronometer have a beautiful design and the top material can be made of stainless steel or plexiglass. The hospital clock and stopwatch has features such as: thermometer and hygrometer, minutes and three separate stopwatches, as well as a backup battery to maintain settings during power outages. A sub-panel is used to set the clock and chronometers. These multifunctional displays can be customized (possibility of adding a hygrometer and thermometer), for example, if you do not need any of the parameters, they will be removed, and if requested by the center, it is possible to produce them in customized dimensions.
The installation of this clock and chronometer is built-in and it is installed on the upper part of the wall in a place where it can be easily seen, and due to having large displays, it can be easily seen from a distance. The output terminal is provided in the form of an On Board connector with a 220V supply voltage along with a built-in galvanized box for installation inside the wall.
Since operating room clocks and chronometers are not medical goods, they do not need to obtain a license from the General Department of Medical Equipment and Necessities.

نگاتوسکوپ یک خانه - مشکی

The length and width of the page

The thickness of the zinc plate

The length and width of the built-in box

The thickness of the built-in box

Seven segment length and width

45cm * 35cm




40cm * 30cm


5.5cm7cm * 4.5cm

4cm * 3.5cm

45cm * 35cm


2mm40cm * 30cm


5.5cm7cm * 4.5cm

4cm * 3.5cm

Operating room clock and stopwatch facilities

Easy and quick setupBuilt-in box made of plexiglass from TaiwanThe plate is made of Plexiglas, a washable sheet from TaiwanWashable stainless steel plate 1 cm and 2 cm thickIt has a separate panel for setting the clock, stopwatchThe ability to be powered by city electricity or UPS hospital emergency powerEquipped with a temperature display (if requested by the customer)
Equipped with a humidity display (if requested by the customer)Three digital stopwatches in the operating roomLight and durableClock display in minutes and hours18 month device warrantyHigh strengthDate display (if requested by the customer)
X-ray outlet 32 amps
Isolation transformer
Ground and Power modules
Operating room Negatoscope