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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

The digital dental negatoscopemanufactured by this company is only one centimeter thick and is completely waterproof and shockproof along with a 180 degree rotating base, which makes it easier for the doctor. It can be installed on the units through a separate arm and on a separate magnetic base that is custom made. The doctor can control the device in terms of lighting and other facilities. The light intensity of the device is uniform and the same, which you can adjust using a separate panel. In this type of dental negatoscope, in order to save electricity consumption, it is equipped with Auto Power Off system, and when the doctor does not use the device for 5 to 10 minutes, the device automatically turns off and goes to standby mode.

One-bank negatoscope - black








25cm20cm1cm800mw18 monthblackopg2429






Color Tem

260V/1A100-240V AC12V DC-1 A50/60Hz12W/PER UNIT6.500k
1-Bank Negatoscope
Negatoscope two-bank
Negatoscope 3-bank
Negatoscope 4-bank