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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

The intercom device is used in the smart hospital project to communicate the hospital personnel with all parts of the hospital. All these intercoms are connected to the smart hospital server and store all the necessary reports in the server. Each of these intercoms is assigned to a place (operating room, warehouse, etc.) and connects all hospital personnel. Also, this device can be connected to all kinds of sensors for adjusting temperature, light, room humidity, etc. has the
This system can be connected to the HIS system platform of the hospital and display basic patient information, nursing information, medical order information and cost list in it and establish internal communication between doctor and nurse, establish internal communication between doctor and patient, establish communication Internally between nurse and patient, the content of any internal communication can be recorded and stored for a long time.
The hospital intercom system creates a communication platform using the hospital’s dedicated network. This system places a room door device at the entrance of each room and is connected to an electric control lock to control access. Management operating systems are located in nursing centers and doctors’ offices in each department and are responsible for responding to call requests from all patients in the department. Install bedside accessories next to each bed so you can call the nursing center. Set up emergency buttons in the lavatory of each room. When a patient has a bathroom emergency, they can call the nursing center directly for help. The lobby is equipped with an LED dot matrix display, which is used to display patient contact information and remind lobby nurses to process patient requests in a timely manner.

اینترکام اتاق عمل
اینترکام اتاق عمل
The system is equipped with automatic troubleshooting

Registering, storing and displaying summonses made on the memory card based on time and date

Connecting central devices to each other (conversation) and to the central server (operator control and nursing head)Intercom automatic update

Adjusting the input and output volume of the central device when talking

Connecting the central device to wifi and internet for remote control and system updateSetting the ringtone volume for a callHaving an LCD (color display) to display device information
Light, powerful and fast hardwareSetting the ringtone volume for a callTwo-way call capabilityAutomatic introduction of intercom to the server

Intercom technical specifications

Recording all calls and conversations on the server for further investigation if necessaryNetwork connection both through LAN cable and through WiFi band 2.4 or band 5 and according to the customer’s suggestion and preferenceTwo-way digital audio between nurses and patients with high quality and clarity without noiseThe keyboard for dialing is a touch type, which is completely hygienic and cleanable.
Ability to connect to RFID cards (RFID authentication cards that every nurse in the smart hospital projectAbility to call operator numbers outside the hospital (if requested by the customer)If LAN connection is selected, the device can be turned on through PoE and there is no need to install an adapter in the console and accept the risk of possible risks.To maximize system availability, the station is equipped with advanced management capabilities that detect any faults in the network or electronic components of the station by the station line.
Clock, chronometer in operating room
Isolation panel
Smart Nurse Call System
Silent Nurse Call