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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

Insulated switchboards,hospital isolated transformers with display (LIM) LINE ISOLATION Monitor to protect against electric shock caused by leakage current in the operating room, NICU, CCUandICUintensive care units.

Patient protectionwith ISOLGARD EARTH FAUL relay, isolated operating room hospital panel with LIMdisplay and controller in accordance with hospital standard VDE 0100-710: 2012 and BS 3535-2: 1990

At the same time, all of the above is also true in industrial environments with CNC machines such as water jets, lathes, milling, punching, and so on. Insulation monitoring devices (IMDs) are used for easy application in IT power supply systems in metallurgy, civil engineering, shipbuilding, hospitals and transportation environments.

How the isolated transformer works:

isolater panel Due to the low impedance, it transmits power well in the designed range and also due to proper insulation and lack of electronic connection between the primary and secondary completely prevents the passage of AC voltage. The transformer in the frequency range of 50Hz practically creates high impedance for high frequencies and noise caused by the devices in both directions. Saturation of the transformer core will also prevent the passage of high frequencies due to lightning or any other factor.

Lack of electronic communication between primary and secondary practically eliminates the connection between earth and secondary, and in the isolated or secondary part, there is no concept of phase and zero, and none of the wires will cause electric shock. In places where there are severe disturbances and noises in the network, the SINGLE SHIELD and SHIELD DOUBLE types of this transformer can be used. ISOLGUARD Insulation Monitoring Devices are equipped with a display that shows the exact numerical values of the insulation resistance and allows monitoring the change of insulation status before the origin of the first ground fault.

Isolation panel safety check:

  1. Immediate inspection of the network condition, continuous monitoring of the ground insulation level

  2. Early detection of defective devices with immediate marking by insulation monitoring device

  3. Less risk of electric shock to the operator and higher fire safety

  4. To prevent losses and shut down production, in case of the first defect, the operation can be continued.

Isolated hospital board

LIM (Line Isolation Monitor) Specifications

Display power consumption in percentageCompliant with standard (standard for isolated power systems equipment)Audio and visual notification in case of using more than the rated power of the transformerHas an automatic self-test system once every hourDisplays the amount of insulation resistance and the amount of input line voltageView and monitor the status of errors generated on the lineSimultaneous measurement of system resistance and impedance of the whole system
Display and manage the temperature of the isolated transformerComplies with NFPA 99 / CSA Z32 standard requirementsDisplay total hazard current (THC)Operating voltage 85 to 265 VACMonitor Hazard Current (MHC) 50 μA @ 230VACAccuracy + 5% @ THC alarm point and rated voltageDisplay the leakage current output of all consumption lines
Insulated panel specifications
It has a sealIt has a signal light and a digital voltmeterThe doors of the panels are made of matte stainless steel 304It has a Busbar earthMiniature switches and fusesMap input and outputEquipped with high quality and standard phase, zero and earth terminals

Electrical standards

D. UL 1047 – Isolated Power System Distribution EquipmentC. UL 1022 – Line Isolation MonitorsB. NFPA 99 – Health Care FacilitiesA. NFPA 70 – National Electric Code, Article 517
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