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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

The medical gas outlet or in other words the medical gas terminal is a device that is placed at the end of the medical gas pipes in medical centers and through this device the operator can access the desired medical gas. outet are usually installed on the consoles above the patient’s bed and ceiling consoles. Of course, this device is used separately and in the form of facing or embedded on the wall in medical centers.
Types: veneer, built-in. New and old design lock. single gas, double gas, three gas and four gas and… and capsular athletes that provide the ability to create a backup in case of a central switchboard for a department.
Types of athletes that can be provided: oxygen outlet, compressed air outlet, anesthetic gas outlet, vacuum outlet
The atlet with the yellow cover is the vacuum outlet and is marked with the VAC symbol.
The outlet with a birch-colored cover is related to the oxygen outlet and is marked with the O2 symbol.
The outlet with the blue cover is the anesthesia outlet and is marked with the symbol N2O or CO2.
The outlet with a black cover is related to the compressed air outlet and is marked with the AIR symbol.

نگاتوسکوپ یک خانه - مشکی

Electrical standards

Metal part of brass and copperSilicone o-ringsThe pipe and its fittings are made of copper with a diameter of 8 mmThe material of the athlete’s body is galvanized type with electrostatic powder paint
Built-in ABS outlet body materialOperating temperature zero to 30 degrees CelsiusMaximum working pressure 6 barEase of use of the product
Bed Head Unit
Bed Head Unit (Special for children)
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