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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

Such lights They are used to show the situation inside the operating room and are installed at the door of the operating room, by which they can find out the presence of the patient in the operating room and the presence of the surgeon team inside the operating room. Inside the room, the light is flashing red, and if the surgeon is not in the room, the light is green.

medical gas outlet
Brightness by SMD with excellent radiation More than 10,000 hours of operationDegree of protection IP65Input voltage 220 volts
Resistant to disinfectants and cleaners Do not keep all three lights on at the same timePower consumption for each lamp is 1760 wattsOutput voltage 3 * 220 volts
Waterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plate Electronic circuit and internal power supplyBuilt-in box 18 months warranty
X-ray hazard panel
Isolated hospital board
Ground and Power modules