Article: Examining the rules and regulations for the construction of a radiology room

1- The space of the radiography room is 18 square meters (4.5 x 4 (not including the dressing room and bathroom))

2- Radiography room with OPG about 20-22 square meters with the opinion of a university expert

3- Separate OPG room, at least 2 x 2.5 square meters

4- The width of the entrance door of the radiography room is at least 120 cm

5- The width of the entrance door of the control room is 70-80 cm

6- Construction of a dressing room unit with a minimum area of one square meter

7- Construction of a toilet unit with a minimum area of one square meter

8- The space required for the establishment of the institution should be at least 90 square meters as follows:

Radiography room + control room + dark room + waiting room + doctor’s office (at least 8 square meters) + preparation room + staff rest room (at least 8 square meters for me working around the clock) + staff washroom + storage area = 90 square meters ( At least)

9- Three-phase and at least 50 amp power supply for the center or institution is suggested.

10- The height from the floor to the ceiling is 270 cm.

11- The wall will be ceramic up to a height of 180 cm.

12- The wall of the radiography room is equivalent to 2 millimeters of lead up to a height of 180 centimeters (it is better to use the opinions of university radiation experts before plastering the place with lead)

13- The height of the cassette pass from the floor to the bottom edge should be 130 cm.

14- The dimensions of the place considered for the cassette pass are 60 x 0.4 cm.

15- The control room should have a common wall with the radiography room and the position of the lead window should be such that the technician has complete control over the patient.

16- The dimensions of the lead glass are 35 x 35 cm.

17- The inside of the door frame of the entrance to the radiography room should be concreted or hammered with lead.

18- The height of the lead glass from the floor of the room to the center of the glass is 150 cm (the frame of the glass should be covered with a 2 mm thick lead sheet).

19- The doors of the radiography room should have 2 mm of lead and suitable handles and hinges should be used for the door.

20- It is necessary to install a suitable ventilator in the radiography room.

21- The radiography room should be windowless as much as possible, and if it has a window, the height of its lower edge to the floor of the room should not be less than 180 cm.

*** tip : If the height of the window is less than the specified limit, it must have the following conditions:

a) It overlooks the open space without traffic

b) If it overlooks the backyard or another building, there should not be another window in front of it

22- The center is better to be located on the ground floor, otherwise it is suitable for the elevator.

23- If the center is 24/7, the staff rest room is necessary.

24- The floor must be able to bear the weight of the device and also in ceiling devices, the ceiling must be able to bear the weight of the rail and the device.

25- There should be a distance of at least 1 meter between the standing bookie and the maximum flat maneuver (longitudinal movement of the bed to the opposite side of the standing bookie).

26- The reception and waiting space should be considered appropriate to the bankruptcy of the center.

27- The area of the radiography control room should be proportional to the control desk and have a common wall with the radiographyroom.

Dark room:

1- It must have at least three sewers (one for the sink, one for the salt floor, one for the appearance and proofing device)

2- The dark room must have at least 5 switches and sockets.

3- The dark room should be made of ceramic up to the ceiling and the ceramic material should be resistant to acid and base and its color should be bright.

4- Physical space of at least 2 x 2 square meters, which must be added to the area by 1 square meter for each additional radiography device.

5- The darkroom should be completely protected against light, heat and humidity.

6- The dark room must be equipped with a suitable ventilator.

7- The height of the safety light should be at least 90 cm from the surface of the darkroom table.

8- It is mandatory to have a darkroom table and a female name machine in the darkroom.

9- The darkroom must have a common wall with the radiography room.

Mammography room:

1- At least one space of 10-12 square meters with a dressing room (with the opinion of the university supervision expert)

2- If the thickness of the wall of the room is at least 20 cm with ceramic, there is no need for hammering lead.

3- The mammographydetection and confirmation device must be separate.

4- Lead glass should be equivalent to 0.5-1 mm of lead.

5- The height of the leaded glass from the floor of the room to the center of the glass is 150 cm

6- The dimensions of lead glass are 35 x 35 square centimeters

7- For the graphic room and dark room, a suitable ventilator should be considered.

8- The mammography room must have no windows.

9- The entrance door of the room should be opened in such a way that it cannot be seen from the outside.

10- The door of the mammography room should have lead equivalent to 0.5-1 mm.

Bone densitometer:

1- It does not need lead.

2- The minimum required space is 10-12 square meters