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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

The silent nurse call system of Paya Teb Afzar company with lightMed production brand

نگاتوسکوپ یک خانه - مشکی

 Possibilities of silent nurse call

The pull switch of the toilet with the ability to cancel from the panelUse the answer key (CANCEL) on the nurse call panels above the bedEase of working with the system without the need for specialized trainingCan be used in any type of hospital department with low budgetThe simplest type of nurse call system, without voice communication
Can be presented in two models, display based on bed number and display based on room numberCentral device with no limit on the number of bedsDisplay the number of summoning beds in order of time priorityThe nurse call panel uses antibacterial polycarbonate coating.The standard of the head lamp and the pillow key are also integrated with the central panel in this model.
Central device with no limit on the number of bedsUse of light indicators with LED light source for panels – head light and other equipmentAll room codes can be dynamically defined.Easy installation and maintenanceEasy cabling
Nurse Call (VoIp)
Isolation transformer
Bed Head Unit