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Nurse Call under the VoIP network
The Nurse Call device is used in the smart hospital to call the nurse by the patient. The nurse summoning system that you see is designed based on LAN or WiFi network and all the nurse summoning devices are connected to the smart hospital nurse call server through the network infrastructure and the necessary reports are stored in the server through the Internet of Things protocol. and creates a two-way VoIP voice connection with HD sound quality between the patient and the nursing station. It is also possible to create telecommunication trunks for the patient to contact with the telecommunication lines or for the patient’s acquaintances to contact him from outside. In this way, it will not only play the role of nurse call system, but it will also work as an IP phone next to the patient’s bed. In addition, by using the latest version of Asterisk, it is possible to queue and announce the position of the patient in the waiting line of the nursing station.
For each bed in the smart hospital, a nurse call device is assigned, and the patient and the nursing station are in communication with each other through this device. Also, the nurse call device can optionally be connected to the patient’s vital signs sensor (pulse oximeter, SPO2 and HR, and skin thermometer) and room temperature, light, and humidity adjustment sensors. Among the other very important features of the nurse summoning system; Having a Web-API to communicate with the HIS system and display real-time information of the patient and his medical staff on the device’s screen. The very high advantage of this nurse call system; It is possible to set up the system in all departments of a hospital with any capacity and with only one server, which will bring the comprehensiveness of report management.

نگاتوسکوپ یک خانه - مشکی

Possibilities of smart nurse call

Has a toilet key inputNetwork connectivity via LANThe ability to adjust the sound playback volume and the microphone volume independently through the webAutomatic configuration of nurse call (according to default settings) as soon as it is turned on and connected to the nurse call serverAutomatic update of Nurse Call’s internal program if you need to upgrade capabilities
Having LCD (color display) to display device and patient informationSmart LCD backlight adjustment and low light mode during sleeping hoursThe ability to connect to the camera above the patient’s head for remote monitoring, especially for special care units (Remote ICU).low consumption hardware; Powerful and fast – 1.2GHz, Single Core ARM-v7It has an advanced Internet of Things server to implement a smart hospital
Recording all calls and conversations between the patient and the nursing station on the server for further investigation if necessary.Recording all calls and conversations between the patient and the nursing station on the server for further investigation if necessary.The ability to connect to the network through WiFi band 2.4 or band 5 and according to the customer’s suggestion and preferenceIf LAN connection is selected, the device can be turned on through PoE and there is no need to install an adapter in the patient’s console and accept the risk of possible risks.The ability to connect to RFID and NFC card readers (RFID or NFC cards or RTLS tags; authentication that every nurse in the smart hospital project will be ideal and unique for implementing the nursing system rating plan in the hospital.
The ability to connect to diagnostic sensors and clinical care by recording reports and sending reports in real timeThe ability to edit the patient information database through Web-API and connect to the hospital’s HIS systemThe possibility of Internet monitoring and so-called Tele-Medicine is also included in this platform. By connecting vital sign sensors to the nurse call system, the patient can receive telemedicine care at home. This type of nurse summoning system is known as home care systems.Calling the patient is allowed only from the numbers defined by the patient’s companion and at the defined times.The ability to directly contact the patient’s acquaintances is also suitable and provides the ability to meet virtually in pandemic conditions.

The ability to provide nurse summons in various models based on the size of the system display:

Behnma V3-L4 series model with 4.3 inch color display
Behnma V3-L7 series model with 7-inch touch screen
Behnma V3-L10 series model with 10-inch color touch screen

Types of nurse call system overhead lights:

Monochrome wired head lamp
Four-color wired head lamp
Four color wireless head lamp
isolation transformer
Clock and chronometer
Hospital Electrical Outlet
Operating room Negatoscope