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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

X-ray socket (X-RAY 32A) operating room is used to connect the radiology device in the operating room and is one of the requirements of operating room design.

For the mobile x-ray imaging machine, there should be one phase and neutral electrical outlet with ground connection, 250 volts, 63 or 100 amps depending on the need, which is fed from a separate isolated electrical panel in the operating, delivery, and fracture rooms. , be predicted.

One-bank negatoscope - black

Ip Degree

Flange Dimension

Fixing Hole Spacing



Erath pin position



IP4483×90 mm70×76 mmScrew250V6h/200CE32A




The thickness of the built-in box


22.5cm16cm72cm15.5cm * 12cm18 months replacement warranty

X-ray outlet facilities

Has a washable stainless steel plateWashable and steel containerStandard socket with European qualityEquipped with a protective fuse with a maximum passing current of 52 amps

Lock the door

Built-in steel box
Operating room sockets and earth
Isolated hospital board
Operating room clock and chronometer
Operating room headlights