about us

Medical Engineering Company “Paya Teb Afzar” was founded in 2004 by a number of medical engineering graduates. From the very beginning, the company’s policy and roadmap has been and is based on providing quality services for the dignity of the honorable people of Iran, especially the medical community of the country. The production brand of this company is lightmed. We do not copy the products of European or Chinese manufacturers because we design our own unique equipment. Although foreign brands have actively gained markets, we are proud to be Iranian manufacturers. We want to improve living standards in our country and we are developing our potential investments. In this way, Paya Teb Afzar company (LiteMed brand) has become one of the largest manufacturers of these equipments in Iran by producing all kinds of operating room and hospital equipment. Types of negatoscopes with LGP technology (light guide panel, operating room led light, x-ray alarm light, import of wall and ceiling UV lights, hospital UV sterilization device, operating room digital clock, operating room thermometer and hygrometer, room stopwatch Operation, operating room earth box, operating room earthed socket box, X-ray electrical outlet Hospital isolation panelis one of the products of this company.Paya Teb afzar (LightMed)believes that supporting domestic production will be useful when domestically produced products have the necessary and sufficient standards and quality, and the history of our presence in the market and the trust of our customers confirm this.

Paya Teb Afzar at a glance

  • Customer orientation (focus on the customer)
  • Innovation
  • Excellence (organizational excellence and result orientation)
  • Safety (safety and environmental friendliness)
  • Responsibility (teamwork, responsibility and knowledge sharing spirit)
  • Ethics (business ethics)
  • Providing products and services in accordance with the demands of customers in the time and quality framework determined
  • Optimal management of costs in the implementation of projects and production of equipment
  • Reducing environmental consequences and effective use of raw materials, natural resources and energy
  • Reducing occupational health and safety risks
  • Enhancing and improving the competency level of human resources
  • Developing communication with all stakeholders and attracting their participation
  • Appropriate use of management systems and new technologies
  • Creating a neat and cheerful work environment

As one of the largest operating room equipment companies, we aim to create sustainable value for customers, shareholders and other stakeholders through design, supply, construction, installation, commissioning, financing, service provision and project management in the field of operating room and hospital equipment, We play a role.

The leader of the operating room equipment industry, capable of designing and manufacturing all kinds of hospital equipmentand known in international markets until 1400

Our progress chart

Innovation 90
Customer Orientation 100
Business ethics 100
responsibility 100