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Officially licensed by the General Department of Medical Equipment

/power grounded electrical module is an independent production of Paya Teb Afzar Aware company, especially for the operating room. In this product, European 16-amp earthed sockets with a door are usually used, and there is also the possibility of installing various types of sockets with a lock and cover on them.
Its upper material is made of stainless steel and has IP54 protection level on the steel plate and earth connector and clip for portable devices with special ability to power all sensitive devices in the operating room and equipped with a mechanical lock on the door that locks the three plugs. and it prevents its exit and also prevents voltage shock and its effect on the equipment. Resistant to disinfectants and chemicals with a galvanized built-in box that enables installation on the wall. The material of the busbar is copper and it is available in 6 screw sizes. The number of screws can be changed at the request of the customer, even in the box art product of the operating room, this change can be applied.
Since operating room Ground Power Modules are not medical goods, it does not need to obtain a license from the General Department of Medical Equipment and Necessities.

نگاتوسکوپ یک خانه - سفید

Length * width of the page


Length * width of the box



26cm * 15cm7cm23cm * 12.5cm18 months replacement warrantySteel
26cm * 15cm7cm23cm * 12.5cm18 months replacement warrantyPlexiglass


Connection technology


Degree of protection

Rated current


X-ray 32 A
Isolation transformer
Operating room led light
Operating room Negatoscope