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Article: Examination of the yellow and white light of theLED negatoscope in the rate of observing the diagnostic details of radiographs
Viewing conditions Radiographic stereotypes are an important factorin obtaining more diagnostic details in the prepared images. Creating optimal conditions for viewing these images can cause slight differences in the density of the areas. Anatomical available in Radiographs are shown and by preventing the amount of dose received by the patient, the costs associated with the preparation of this reduce the radiographs as well, considering the importance of the current research topic with the purpose of comparison Two yellow and whitelights of the LEDnegatoscope in the level of diagnostic details obtained Dental radiographs were performed. Materials and methods – diagnostic and preparation research Radiographs were made from a rectangular aluminum piece with 10 circular holes created on it under standard conditions, 4 observers who are experts They were radiologists Radiographic image of the desiredphantom in the condition LED negatoscope with bright ambient white light and The LED negatoscope with yellow light in the dark environment was evaluated and the number of observed holes was recorded. The data was analyzed by testing. Two-way analysis of variance was performed. Findings – The number of diagnostic holes in the light environment LED negatoscope with white light equal to 75.6 in dark environment LED negatoscope with white light equal to 7.5 bright environment LED nightscope with yellow light equal to 7.25 in dark environment The yellow LED negatoscope was estimated to be 75.75, no observer in any of the conditions could find the actual number of holes in the Radiographic imageto determine the effect of ambient lighting on the amount of diagnostic details obtained<0.03 but nThe white or yellow color of the LED negatoscopedid not show an obvious effect on these details. Conclusion – The results of this research showed that the use of The yellow and white light of the LED negatoscope has an obvious effect on the level of diagnostic details obtained from There was no radiographic image, although as expected, the dark room environment had more diagnostic information than the light room environment.